Welcome to N Scale Kits.
American intermodal and flat freight cars

N Scale Kits manufacture and sell
the widely admired Alan Curtis model range
[AC Models and Andersley Models].

Details of the 2015-2016 list are here.

Our printable catalog and 'help sheets' are here too, now.

Our newest cars

the new FreightCar America 5-car 40' double stack well car unit

the Mount Vernon 70' flatcars used by circus and show trains from the 1930's until the 1970's

the Warren 70' flatcars used by circus and show trains from the 1930's and still in use in 2015

- and decals previously not available

Decals for the FEC brown paint scheme have now been printed

and for the Heavy Duty flatcar used for transporting the A1M1 Abrams tanks

Other new products are being developed
for release later in 2016

Details of cars in development are here

N Scale Kits products were used in
1st and 2nd winning places in the
National NSE Rolling Stock Competitions

in June 2013 and in June 2014

In 2015 the N Scale Kit of the FlexiVan Autotrailer
won the N Scale Vehicle Association's
Kit of the Year

In 2016 we will be at the
24rd National N Scale Convention
Kansas City, Kansas June 29 - July 2 2016

at the International N Gauge Show Warwickshire September 11-12 2016

and at the NMRA BR Convention,
Meriden October 28-30 2016

We hope to see you in Kansas City,
Leamington Spa or Meriden