Building a 12 axle Depressed Center Flatcar Kit

File the tabs of the curved section
so they fit at the correct angle,
safer than trying to bend them.

Lay the parts flat for gluing.

Turn over and lay the end platforms flat whilst gluing to ensure the parts are aligned.

Fit the steps and brake fitting to the end platforms as shown. Alan Curtis also added some grabs
from fine wire above the steps and side of
brake stand for added detail.

After painting, fit the trucks to the
span bolster ends as shown using
the pins supplied with the
MTL trucks

Fit the rear span bolster on the
center kingpin first, then the end
platform bolster.

The center truck when fitted holds
all parts together.

The trucks Alan Curtis used are MTL 1036.
Recommended couplers are MTL 1023 (assembled) or 1025 (kits)
Alphabet decals were used for the reporting marks, and the TTX logos are from a spine car sheet
(60-822) others are from a data sheet for large capacity cars.

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