Kit Building - 89ft Flatcars

After carefully cleaning up the castings, glue the steps under the ends of the car, at each corner.

Drill a hole for the 0.3mm wire provided for the brake rod. (right)

Slip the cranked end of the wire through the hole, and secure with super glue. A spot of glue will hold the other end in place.
After painting the car and hitches, glue the hitches and hitch supports in positions shown on the instruction sheet

Assemble the 1019 couplers as per instructions, and lay the shank over the truck kingpin boss
The truck sits over the coupler, and holds it in place

Shorten the spigot of the kingpin by about one third (left)then press into place to secure the truck.

Place the coupler shank support casting behind the step casting, and pivot the coupler to be sure the wheels do not foul the plate. When happy with the position, glue in place. The Plate can be painted flat black before or after fitting as desired

For "Long Runner" cars, the drawbar is now supplied as an etch with the kit

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