Building the Magor Center Beam Pulpwood Cars [MEC and BAR] kits

Clean any flash on the chassis
and center beam parts.

Remove center floor etch, remove etch tabs and glue into the center of the car.

Assemble the center beam from the four struts - onto the car straddling the floor etch, and glue into place.

Glue the top bar into place to secure the uprights.

Sand the floor etches to ensure a good fit between the side and center sills, and giving the inward slope necessary when transporting pulpwood.

Carefully fold each of the end bulkhead etches to fit around the end bulkheads. The end bulkheads may need to be filed flat.Glue the etches to the end bulkheads.

When glued to the bulkheads, the brake three way valve, the air reservoir and the brake wheel should be attached at one end of the car.

The bulkeads should then be attached to the chassis of the car.

After assembling the car,
paint the car in the desired paint scheme.

It should be noted that the cars in their hard working pulpwood service rapidly became very rusty and dirty, so that the original paint schemes were obscured and faded very quickly!

Decals, shown in the pictures, are available from Highball Graphics set FN-124

A diagram to show where the decals are located is included with the kit.

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