Etched metal collapsible hitches suitable for
N Scale Kits spine cars and 89ft flatcars
and etched detailed parts for the 48' spine car

were available from
MLE Scale Models, PO Box 696, Cotati, CA 94931-0696, USA

Two types of hitch are available: N-01 and N-02

MLE's website

Stock of the hitches in 2019 is being carried by JWD Premium Products

Hiches are supplied in a flat etched sheet and require bending, assembling and painting. Decals shown are not supplied but some hitch decals are available on Microscale sheet #60-822

Hitches can be altered at any time to be either raised or collapsed, and lock securely in place.

The N-02 hitches [shown on the left] are a drop fit on the 53ft spines, but some modification is needed (filing) on 48ft spines.

The N-01 is recommended for the Triple-57 Long Runner. On 89ft flatcars the N-01 hitch should be set in the more vertical position.


This etched brass detail set is intended for use on the 48' spine car kits
and includes raised tread overlays for inside the wheel trays,
relief detail overlays for the outer sides of the wheel trays
and container pedestal hatch covers. Set includes enough parts
to outfit all 5 platforms of a 48' spine car.

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