Freight Car America®
Articulated Trash Spine Cars
for trash and sludge

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Articulated Trash Spine cars


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Four packs of Articulated Trash Spine Cars


These unusual cars are often used to transport waste and sludge,
in specially constructed 20' containers
They are found in many States of the US
Containers are often loaded two per axle, in an unusual 2-1-1-2 lading.

There is an article on these cars by M R Snell in the July 2012 edition
of Railroad Model Constructor page 62.

Below: A set of undecorated articulated cars as built

The cars are then fited with etches and brake parts

The car shown loaded with 20ft containers

The cars have cast spines, brake air reservoirs, brake cylinders and handle.

The kits come with etched walkways, centre supports, lifting points, steps and grabrails

View of the cast spine, brake air reservoirs and brake cylinders with HelveticaRR decals

Decals for these cars have been produced by
Roland Ruesch and HelveticaRR Decals
For details on these decals visit trash container Decal sets
- with many known liveries from across the USA

Containers for these cars are available from HelveticaRR
from Fine N Scale and from Stone Creations

HelveticaRR 20ft containers
painted in MHF livery

HelveticaRR 20ft containers
painted in BLFU livery

Decals for the ColTainer trash containers

Kits are designed to take Microtrains® 1033 trucks/couplers (outer ends) and 1031 (inside truck)

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