Building Depressed Center Flatcar Kits

After cleaning up all castings, start by assembling the low deck and the two curved sections
The three sections glued together

File the spigots to ensure a flat parallel surface to fit the end deck sections. Do not try to bend the spigots as they may break
Test fit the end deck sections to ensure correct fit

Turn the deck upside down to glue the sections together, to ensure the deck is flat

Close up of a completed end platform after painting, to show the position of the brake items.

I added grabs from thin wire above the steps, also on the brake stand. (Grabs not supplied in kits)
After painting is complete, fit trucks, then attach the end platform/span bolster to the deck using the cast pin provided. Take care not to glue the pivot!

Recommended trucks are MTL 1036, and couplers 1023 (assembled) or 1025 (kit)
TTX logo decals come from a spinecar sheet 60-822, other decals from heavy duty cars data sheet and alphabet sheets

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