Building the Gunderson Double Stack Car kits

The five basic parts for each well

A well after assembly. All parts have locating tabs

An assembled single unit car

Articulation between wells on a five unit car. Note the lower (left) and upper (right) pivot bars

If the 5-unit car is to run on tight curves, fit trucks, place on track, and check clearance of suspension arms (arrowed) and file back as necessary for clearance on the tightest curve the car will need to negotiate, (preferably before painting)

After painting the assembled wells, and before fitting etches, bend the end walkway on the half-etched fold lines, as shown (left), and after fitting to car (right), along with the other etch for the end units

Shows etches fitted to the inner ends of five-unit car

If body mount couplers are preferred, the casting supplied can be glued under the end platform framing

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