Intermodal Cars

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Very early LCL Container cars from the 1930's to 1950's

40' LCL PRR FM Container Flatcar

Very early Circus Cars from the 1930's to 1970's and even one running in 2018

70' Mt Vernon Circus car

70' Warren Circus car

Early intermodal Cars from the 1960's

PRR and early TrailerTrain F39 ToFC flatcars

SP, Erie and New Haven 'Clejan' ToFC Spine Cars

NYC Milw and PC 'FlexiVan' ToFC Cars

ToFC cars cut from 50' chassis for NS and other roads

TTX and other road intermodal cars from the 1990's to present day

National Steel 48ft 3-Unit All-Purpose Well Cars

TTAX 48ft 5-Unit All-Purpose Spinecars

TTAX 53ft 5-Unit All-Purpose Spinecars

NTTX 48ft 5-Unit Container-only cars

Gunderson Maxi III 5-Unit Double Stack Cars

Rebuilt Gunderson Maxi III 5-unit Double Stack Cars (40ft wells)

FreightCar America 'Dynastack' 40ft 5-unit Double Stack Cars

Gunderson Single Unit "Husky Stack" Double Stack Cars

Greenbrier 53AP car Single Unit All-Purpose 53ft Double Stack Cars

National Steel NWF13 53ft Double Stack Car

Spine cars to carry Trailers or Containers

Flatcars used in intermodal service

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