The following new products are currently in research and development, and we now hope to have cars in production in 2016

Thrall Double Stack wellcars

The Thrall company produced a number of their distinctive wellcars. Originally designed in 1985 as the Lo-Pac 2000 cars, Thrall developed the cars in single car, drawbarred and articulated consists.

Some of these versions have appeared in N Scale, but the 40' and 45' cars have not been in production for some time. Some of the longer 48' cars have also been cut down to 40' cars. All of these differing cars have different ribbed sides.

N Scale Kits are looking to produce a number of these distinctive cars.

Modelers of intermodal trains have long wanted alternatives to the Gunderson cars produced by manufacturers and by N Scale Kits in cut down 40', 48' and 53' versions already produced by N Scale Kits.

Further information see here

FreightCar America light weight
Double Stack wellcars

FCA are now producing a brand new and very distinctive wellcar. Originally designed in 2009 and first run as a prototype in NOKL leasing paint scheme, TTX have purchased over 50 5 car units of these unusual double stack cars in the 40' configuration.

Never available in N or HO scale before, these 5 car units of 40' cars are now available here

Kasgro 450 ton 16 axle
Heavy Duty Depressed Center wellcars

Kasgro lease out these very heavy duty cars for transporting large transformers and boilers etc. around the USA on a 'pre day' basis.The cars have been seen across the system often in very short consists, often just two locos and this HDDC car.

The model 16 axle car is expected to be launched at the NSE Convention in Sacramento in June 2015.

Further information see here

57' Trinity All Purpose Spinecars

These longer spinecars were built to accomodate
the 53' trailers, as 2/28-1/57 cars.
Built in 1998/9 the cars are classed
RAF30a and run in the TTRX 36xxxx reporting
number series.

Modelers have long wanted versions of 57' spine cars, and these newly patterned cars will make a further contrast to the
48' and 53' TTX spinecar kits
already produced by N Scale Kits.

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89' 4" BCOL Flatcars for ToFC use

These long flat cars will make another different addition to ToFC consists. The Marine Industries Ltd built cars have unusual wheel trays with
see thru grating and were an important element
of the BCR fleet from the '70's to the end of ToFC service in 2002.

The distinctive Can-car and flat deck trailers for these cars should also be available to run with these Canadian railroad intermodal cars.

These unusual ToFC cars will make an interesting contrast to the ToFC TTX, BNSF and UP flatcars
available at N Scale Kits.

Further information see here

Other cars and equipment may also be produced. For details do contact us

Details of the current list are here.