National Steel 3-unit All-Purpose Double Stack car

Building the kit

First identify and lay out the well sides and ends as shown below

Fold up the ends of the well floor etch
Glue the parts together and support the sides with weights until set firmly
Turn the unit over and glue the steps in place after folding the tabs at right angles
glue steps and grabs as shown
bend tabs on step etches (black) at right angle and glue onto underside of side rib, then glue grab (red) over the step
After painting fold up grabs on end units,
also brake stand on B unit and glue in place.

Paint the side treads yellow

Note that on outer end of A and B units trailer hitches face inwards, all others face outwards.

No specific decals are available for this car, but you can use Microscale sheet #60-788.The TTX logo looked a bit large so I used one from sheet #60-747
A selection of unit number decals are supplied with the kit

Paint used was Badger Modelflex 16-168 Trailer Train Yellow. Trailer hitches and brake wheel are orange and ends of side plates at the articulated ends are black (see pictures on main page).

Recommended trucks are MTL 1037 (ends) and 1036 (inner). Due to the tight clearances, Low Profile wheels should be used


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