Kit Building - 48ft Spine Cars

First carefully clean up the castings.

Fit the 3-way valve and add a small amount of CA, capilliary action will take the adhesive into the joint

Place a small drop of glue in the hole (below), and fit the air reservoir (right)

Place a drop of CA adhesive on each platform support, (left)

then place the platforms on the supports, leaving a slight and even gap between the platform and the spine

Fit the large and small brackets on the ends of the spines, as shown on the drawings, and glue in place

Fit the 20ft container pedestals in place on the end units
(A and B).

If trailers or 40-48ft containers are to be carried, glue in down position, but in up position to carry 20ft containers

Glue in trailer hitch (left) and support (right)

If desired, these can be painted seperately and fitted on completion

Mark off the position of the rear container pedestals from a 40ft container (above and right)

then glue pedestals in positions marked

After glue has set, if necessary file pedestals so that container site level

Fold down edges of etched platform and glue in place.
Glue brake wheel into hole in brake stand and after painting glue in place as shown.
Glue high handrail on brake stand side and small handrail on opposite side.